Medical Equipment Charity Celebrates 100th Load!

Recently the Physionet team all came together at our base in Yorkshire to load one of the biggest hauls of used medical equipment bound for Fiji – and to celebrate our 100th Loading.

Wheelchairs, specialist medical beds, walking aids and chairs were loaded into the trailer on a grey day before lockdown, aided by a team of Fijian soldiers whose energy seemed to have no limits! The Fijian High Commissioner, was due to join us to help celebrate reaching this amazing milestone, but due to covid travel restrictions, he was sadly unable to make it. Thankfully our able board director Mike stepped in to read a prepared statement and present a few gifts to our deserving team of volunteers.

Looking how far we’ve come since Peter first drove a truckload of equipment to that first orphanage, it really is a great testament to our fantastic team of volunteers who, come rain or shine, are always on hand to sort, fix and load the used equipment. Not only that, but we’ve done our part for the environment too, by saving it all from landfill. An amazing achievement all round.

Huge thanks goes to Joseph Hughes and Sons who provided haulage and to Ian Mattocks at Gelsthorpe Farm, who provides Physionet with storage for all the donated equipment, our esteemed founder Peter, our hard working volunteer Physio Heather, and our merry band of generous people who came to help load, make tea, and serve cake!

If you’d like to get involved with our charity, why not head over to our Volunteer page.