We are happy to accept equipment donations from all over mainland UK. However,  due to costs associated with collecting equipment, the minimum number of items is 20.

Please include all cushions and harnesses etc as these are removed for cleaning before being packaged to send overseas. Sourcing new cushions is financially prohibitive and is especially important for children’s chairs. 

If the item is electrical, please include the charger and battery. We would be extremely grateful if you could pre-charge the item before it leaves you to allow time in transit and for our team of volunteers to attend to it. 

If there are any loose or small parts, please attach them to the equipment. e.g. tied to the item in a carrier bag. 



To donate your items, please use the contact form opposite, letting us know what you would like to donate, where you are based and any other details. 


PhysioNet Foundation CIO (Registered Charity No.1175932) agrees to take redundant rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs and mobility items including spares on the following basis:

The equipment will be exported to Low and Middle income countries and will not be sold or reused in the United Kingdom.

All exports are gifts free of charges from the Charity to the recipient country.

The Charity accepts the goods on the basis that no warranty as to the condition of the equipment will apply.

The Charity accepts that the supplier has no control over the future use of the equipment and therefore has no further liability once the equipment has left its premises.

The Charity only exports items which are fit for purpose and reserves the right to repair equipment using, personnel and parts deemed safe by the Charity. Where repair is un-economic, it further reserves the right to cut up the equipment and sell the metal for scrap.

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If you are a UK taxpayer, Physionet can claim Gift Aid on the item you donate. 


Some of the items we provide can be complicated to use. For this reason, we ask that recipients or their carers, request advice about these specialist items prior to shipment.  Our Physiotherapist Heather Angilley will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

We also provide a database of equipment manuals which can be accessed below.

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